Business sector focus
We provide business development and sales opportunity creation.  We focus on a core group of business sectors, where we have strong credentials and locally based associate industry experts.
We also provide our services, and introductions to a wider range of clients, many of whom are seeking a simple solution such as a cost effective digital marketing agency, albeit with local knowledge and sector specific client expertise.  For more complex assignments in non-core sectors, we can draw upon a diverse network of contacts, to deliver our services with project management and reporting provided by CII as normal.
Twisted Red Tile Roof
Construction and Building Products

North American and UK/European Markets are quite different here, and both require a totally different approach.

Especially in the US, strategy plays a big part, so helping our clients ascertain the chances of success for their product is the first challenge.  The diverse landscape, varying climatic conditions, different State legislation and regional buying preferences are considerations.

However, our associates are drawn from a variety of disciplines, and can provide the strategic insight and powerful techniques needed to identify and exploit new business opportunities either direct or through channels, to architects, contractors, the big boxes, lumber yards, facility managers and more.


CII partners with business development consultants and leading 'FinTech only' marketing agencies in the US and UK, to address and enable the fast acceleration of the industry.

CII also facilitates speaking opportunities at key international events.

Software & IT Services

We work with tech start-ups, SME's and global corporates in both countries.  CII's UK headquarters is in The Thames Valley, also known as the 'Silicon Valley' of Europe.  Home to the Global HQ of Vodafone and European headquarters of Oracle, Huawei Technologies and thousands of SME's and entrepreneur led incubators and soft-landing spaces.

Our associates are all seasoned professionals and digitally savvy, have typically worked for large technology companies such as IBM, SAP and Microsoft.  Importantly, they are fully capable of having holding business conversations with senior executives, articulating our clients value propositions, and creating clear differentiation.


Red Tractor in Field

An exciting time for Agtech industries globally.

We are connecting the dots, to introduce businesses to businesses, universities to universities, and generally to create sales, joint ventures, innovation and more.