If you are selling in the United States and Canada, we offer a local number telephone answering service, in CST (Central Standard Time) by a British (US based) business development professional.

This is not message taking, this is lead generation.   We act as an extension of your sales team, with a dedicated US number, answered in your company name, to greet your customers and prospects, to answer their questions, and to gather and probe for other sales related background information to help validate the opportunity and establish otherwise unknown needs.

This is available as a standalone service or combined with various outbound sales activties including telemarketing and face to face meetings and exhibition representation.    Please call +1 816 217 1545 or email roddy.fisher@gmail.com for details

USA representation for UK sales teams


Lead Generation Services within the domestic markets of the UK and NA

As business leaders try to come to terms with the uncertainties of these difficult times for their employees, customers and the business itself, we have taken the initiative of realigning our services, to focus more on providing our business development activities within the domestic markets of the UK, USA and Canada.

Customer Introductions International only deploys seasoned B2B business development professionals, all of whom have enjoyed successfull careers in senior sales roles with large corporations such as IBM, SAP and GSK or run their own businesses.  Each associate works directly with the client, and is personally responsible for all sales activities, which focus strongly on telephone engagement.

"Nothing usually happens until you speak with someone" is something we all believe.  Our associates are all capable of fully articulating our clients value proposition, creating rapport, nurturing, and the showing the persistence needed to generate new business opportunities for our clients, long after our competitors have given up. 


Business leaders often don't get around to doing the things they actually want to do, so we exploit the void where intelligent email marketing and social media avtivities end, and telephone engagement 'should' begin.  If you would like to discuss how we can build sales and sales pipelines for your business please do get in touch.

US:    816 217 1545                                UK:    07901 553232