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         North America - Market Introductions

Reduce time to market with introductions to locally based, industry and discipline specific, business experts.

No local representation, no current local market intelligence, no problem!  As a UK National, now based in the United States, I provide a single point of contact for UK businesses wishing to enter the markets of the United States and Canada. 

Our diverse network of regionally based associates are waiting to guide you through the formalities and regulatory requirements. However, our core focus is advancing quickly to sales opportunity creation, and whilst we are not a recruitment business, we are able to connect you with C-Level / key executives, interested in representing you.

Regional differences are a big deal here, so best to consider local input before making costly mistakes.

We offer a cost effective way to open up these markets.  If you would like to know more, we should arrange a 30 minute Zoom call to discuss. I'm Roddy Fisher; you can reach me by phone or email as listed below.                         +1 816 217 1545

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