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About Us

Customer Introductions International is based in Kansas City, Missouri and Reading, UK.  We facilitate new business opportunities for and between small businesses in the United States & Canada and the UK, through a network of specialist  associates on the ground in both countries, all of  whom are expert in their individual industries.

Business development is at the core of what we do. Our associates know the local markets, the players and the trends.  First and foremost we make direct contact with your prospects.  "Nothing really happens until you speak with someone" applies today more than ever. We embrace modern technology, social media and email marketing but not calling key prospects who don't click or open can be a mistake.

Our associates engage senior decision makers and hard to reach executives, with compelling business level conversations that clearly articulate our clients value proposition and open up robust sales opportunities.


Having an ex-pat from the UK based in Kansas City, MO can be a real game changer.  From domestic, general advice and idiosyncrasies of doing business with the other country, to deep strategic insight into different industries and niche markets we have you covered.  We hold your hand and take away much of the uncertainty, and the unknown, to make it quicker and easier to get sales flowing.

Should you wish to know more please do get in touch. 

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