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January 15th 2020

IBS - Las Vegas, NV, Jan 21st-23rd

IBS rolls around again, and CII will once again be there. We're all expecting 2020 to be a good year, as UK markets rise from ongoing uncertainties, and manufacturers widely adopting a more global outlook for sales.  CII is already working with a large number of UK manufacturers entering NA, and our focus at IBS is to connect our US and Canadian clients with UK's best partners including sales hunters and all the resources to create sales either direct or through channels.


Sept 10th 2019

ChicagoBuild, September 19 & 20th

It's all about Sales.  Selling building products in UK markets. Sales, sales, sales. Sales pipelines, sales channels, sales opportunity creation.  Thats what we do.  We'll be in Chicago if you want to meet.


Sept 5th 2019

UK - Associate Summer Focus Forums - August 16th-27th

CII has returned to the United States following a series of Focus Forums with its UK based Associates and with the DIT - Department for International Trade.  Each forum is industry specific, ranging from Software & IT Solutions, Construction & Building Products to Healthcare & Medical Devices, where industry experts share thinking on the latest trends, and current risks and opportunities in the UK Market.   CII in turn, provides valuable insight into the needs of North American exporters, and together we fine-tune the offerings of the network to optimise the value of our services to our clients.

June 17th 2019

FIME - Miami, FL, Jun 26th-28th


Our UK based medical device associates have identified opportunities in UK healthcare and medical device markets, so CII will be in Miami to help manufacturers connect with the best expertise to get the sales process started.  We save our clients time, through introductions to key individuals, consultants and agencies, "getting it right first time" and kick-starting the sales pipeline.


June 1st, 2019

AIA'19 - Las Vegas, NV, Jun 6th-8th

Building upon the success at IBS, CII is again in town, and this time accompanied by the UK Construction Marketing Awards 'Agency of the Year 2018'. CII facilitates pinpoint accurate introductions to the best UK building product sales and marketing professionals.  If you'd like to meet up at the show please do get in touch.


January 4th, 2019

IBS - Las Vegas, NV, Feb 19th-21st

CII will attend IBS 2019, and a series of prearranged meetings on behalf of our UK 'building and software products only' industry associates who provide the full range of business development activities including research, distributor identification and lead generation.  If you sell direct or indirect, sell to house builders, homeowners, architects or DIY retail we can connect you to experts you need.  If you'd like to meet up at the show please do get in touch.


February 4th, 2019

FutureBuild, London, UK, Mar 5th-7th

Now is a great time for UK and North America to do business.  CII and its associates will be attending FutureBuild and helping UK building materials manufacturers unravel the complexities of creating sales in US and Canada.  Our associates know the 'where, when and how' and the 'why'.  Having ex-pat representation on the ground in the US, to introduce everyone you need and coordinate activities can be a real game changer.  For non UK exhibitors and visitors we offer a similar suite of introductions to maximise ROI from the show.


October 7th, 2018

Whizard Summit, Boulder, CO, Oct 2nd-4th

Mark Mitchell and his team of expert speakers, delivered three days of thought provoking insight, and latest trends within the Building Materials Manufacturing industry.  An engaged audience, shared real market challenges and opportunities with the expert panel, and received meaningful, actionable feedback and latest thinking, on how to outsmart the competition with effective tactics, many of which are easy to implement.  This is the best conference of its kind I have attended, and I highly recommend that British and European manufacturers should consider attending the next Summit in April 2019.

October 7th, 2018

Techweek, Kansas City, MO, Oct 8th-12th

Looking forward to meeting leaders and innovators and the latest technology from Kansas City businesses, entrepreneurs and startups, and introducing the exciting sales opportunities for their products in the UK and European Markets.  Reading, UK, 40 miles from London, is known as "The Silicon Valley of Europe", where my UK associates know Software & IT Services Markets.  CII will be at Techweek thru Friday.

February 12th, 2018

Atlanta FinTech Opportunities

CII was invited to Atlanta to witness firsthand the thriving FinTech ecosystem in Metro Atlanta and Georgia.  We met with various business leaders from the DIT, Chamber of Commerce and TAG - Technology Association of Georgia, all working towards Atlanta's goal of becoming the FinTech Capital of the World.  We discussed the opportunities for UK businesses locally with leaders at the IoT Leadership meeting, held at the impressive Honeywell facility, and are now connecting-the-dots, to offer UK businesses a package of sales creation initiatives.

CII is now working with specialist technology and FinTech partners in Atlanta, as well as a range of support service providers to help UK businesses break into, or expand with the United States.

March 18th, 2018

FinTech South - Atlanta, GA, May 7th & 8th

Join is at FinTech in Atlanta, and let us introduce you to all the connections you need to help get established in the US FinTech market, including business development and marketing associates and agencies, a marketing/PR agency originally from the UK, who have themselves been through the process of setting up in the US, and sharp sales guys who know FinTech and the local markets. We can also introduce you to the sources of financial incentives, soft-landing spaces and all the people you'll need to meet whilst in town, and, we don't charge for this service.

FinTech South is a global exchange of insights, innovations, and trends fuelling tomorrow’s FinTech industry.  Expected to attract around 1200 participants.  Several companies from the UK have already registered.

August 9th, 2017

Kansas City Create Coworking Record

August 9th was International Coworking Day.  One hundred and ninety-five local entrepreneurs, government officials, nonprofits and community members gathered at PlexPod in Westport, Kansas City to create a Guinness World Record for the largest number of coworkers in one space, working quietly together for thirty minutes.

Melissa Saubers, founder of the Kansas City Coworking Alliance said "Community, collaboration and serendipitous collisions are all part of the beauty of coworking. Coworking is all about is the people. It’s not about the space, we don’t care about square footage or any of that, we care about the people and so this whole event was really about the community and the community did this. Coworking is defined as, people from different businesses or organizations working side by side".

Mayor Sly James took the stage to announce the achievement and address the group, validating the crowd as the city’s “true changemakers.” The future of work is changing, James said, acknowledging the culture of coworking as one of “collaboration” and “connection.”

June 3rd, 2017

Mid-West 4 State Tour

This July and August, CII will be taking a tour of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, and meeting with key international trade executives and manufacturers, to gain an in-depth understanding of what the region has to offer and attract businesses from the UK, and to identify opportunities for Mid-West companies in the UK market. 

April 3, 2017

International Coworking Day - August 9th

CII is working closely to bring together an exciting event between Kansas City, MO and Reading, UK, to celebrate International Coworking Day.  Watch this space for updates coming soon.

Sept 28, 2016

Concentrica Associates

CII is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Concentrica Associates.  Kevin McGuinness and his team of highly experienced sales and marketing professionals have a proven track record providing a range of business development services and delivering high level sales leads where the nurturing process requires business level conversations with executives that are typically hard to reach and harder to convince. 

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